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   The Emergency Response Decision Support (ERDS) program provides the yacht operator and management company with real time technical support in the event of a casualty. In the stressful environment following a marine casualty a number of response decisions must be made that have tremendous impact on the survival, and recovery of the effected vessel. The vessel operators need fast and accurate answers to stabilize a casualty situation and plan for recovery. The Murray and Associates ERDS team provides 24 hour a day, 7 day a week evaluation of the technical aspects of the casualty based on each vessel’s design information. Our team consists of experts in fields of damage stability and forensic naval architecture. From the critical initial response, through development of a recovery strategy we evaluate:

   This access to real time analysis based on the vessels design information gives the operator the answers needed to make the critical decisions required in a casualty situation. For more Information regarding our ERDS Program contact, Mr. Jamie Benoit, PE, Vice President of Engineering.